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“I believe we all want to work for a great company, and Crum & Forster is that place: where career paths are crafted and achievements are recognized, where education is encouraged and communication is ongoing, and where people work together as a team in an environment of trust, support, and excitement.”

Marc Adee, CEO

At Crum & Forster, we are constantly striving to innovate and improve our operation by focusing on the power of “we”.

We believe that our success is built not on the contributions of one individual or a business group, but rather, on the collective performance of our entire team.

The people we work with have a profound impact on our organization’s performance and that is why we focus our recruiting efforts on individuals seeking to work in a collegial and collaborative environment and who bring a passion to what they do.

Once you begin working here, you’ll discover that we are committed to helping you grow your career – whether you’re just starting out or further along on your career path.

What Our Colleagues are Saying

“I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in teaching—so my path was non-traditional.  I also knew when I came here that I wanted to go into underwriting, so that is what I focused on from the beginning.  Every day is different. I’m out of the office frequently, which suits my personality rather well. Many companies say there are advancement possibilities but they don’t mean it.  In this company it’s true.  I’m in my fourth position in only three years.  They give you opportunities to grow and be promoted.”

Rachel Regan

Underwriter, Risk Management
Employed Since: 2013

“I am an attorney by training and I’ve been here almost a year. It’s been great. In my previous job, I did the same thing every day, day in and day out. Here it’s exciting…every day is different. I learn something new every day. The claims we handle are so interesting and diverse. The benefit of working at a smaller organization is that all the people you need to interact with are within ear-shot. It’s a great working environment; it’s collegial, not competitive. It’s like being a big fish in a small pond. The things we do are interesting. I have a lot of autonomy, yet it’s a collaborative environment. Anyone working in a law firm would appreciate the work life balance that you can find here.”

Antonietta Castano

Manager, Claims
Employed Since: 2015

“What I have enjoyed most about my experience at C&F is the opportunity to both learn and grow as a professional.  I joined C&F with a public accounting background and very limited knowledge of the insurance industry.  My managers were extremely encouraging and provided the training and guidance needed to succeed.  Employees are rewarded for working hard, displaying the willingness to learn and taking initiative to engage in projects outside of their comfort zone.”

Chris Irving

Manager, Finance
Employed Since: 2014

“If you prove yourself in the areas you were hired for and show initiative, you will be given the opportunity to move up through the ranks. As an ex-college football player, I really appreciate the team environment here. The company gives you all the opportunities in the world but you have to be willing to do something with it. The work life balance here is fantastic.”

Joe Muccia

Vice President, Operations
Employed Since: 2009

“It’s a wonderful culture where everyone is always willing to help each other out. It’s a very collaborative environment – one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve worked as a consultant and on the corporate side but this is the nicest place I’ve worked – there is a lot of team spirit here.”

Paula Della Torre

Project Manager, IT
Employed Since: 2015

“What I love about this company is that it’s a flat organization. You have the freedom to do and think about your job with great access to senior executives. It’s an entrepreneurial empowering environment that allows people to be collaborative without ego. We get the job done and there’s lots of opportunity for advancement.”

Peter Shalhoub

Vice President, Underwriting
Employed Since: 2013

“It’s not about what you control but what you contribute. At C&F, you have a lot of flexibility to do your job and grow with it. Here, it’s not about topline growth, it’s about bottom line profits. It’s a very interesting and fun place to work.”

Ken Russo

Senior Vice President, Wholesale E&S Insurance
Employed Since: 2011

“The corporate culture at C&F was a total switch-on for me.  You get the work done and then you get recognized for your efforts.  I’m able to be my true self here.  I absolutely love the fact that it’s a flat organization and you can go directly to upper management with a question or a problem. The beliefs and behaviors are truly authentic and very much in sync company-wide.  I am given the opportunity to showcase my skills and there’s a warm, welcoming feeling across the company.”


Senior Underwriter, Underwriting
Employed Since: 2014

“I have been here 35 years, and through all the growth and evolution, I feel like I’ve worked for about five companies, with new and different opportunities at every turn. This is a progressive company with strong leadership and vision.  There are many exciting initiatives underway here with really good people running them.  The culture is focused on collaboration and teamwork with a mantra that says:  ‘It’s not so much about who gets the credit; it’s about getting the job done well and serving our clients.’ It’s very much the voice of the employee that drives the company.”


Vice President, Business Development
Employed Since: 1980

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